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Stranded with Luna - Pro

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Stranded with Luna is a survival game in which a girl named Luna is stranded after a shipwreck on an uninhabited island. The island is a part of a top secret group of islands called "Shadows of Cubes 66", which is used by the organization "Cubes 66" for secret projects.The island group consists of several islands, which offer different challenges as well as numerous treasures. On the one hand, the island group offers resource-rich and habitable islands where life flourishes and prospers. On the other hand, the island group offers resource-poor and life-threatening islands where the battle for survival is a daily occurrence.
Many tasks are waiting for you on your journey. So you have for example to ensure that Luna always collects enough food to satisfy their basic needs of food and water. By collecting resources (for example: wood, stones, leaves, lianas, ...) Luna can build different objects like cottages, boats, weapons and tools. Cottages are used to sleep and therefore recharge the energy again. With boats Luna can visit and explore near located islands, shipwrecks and other in the water located objects. Weapons have to be built to capture animals (for example: fish, birds, tigers, ...). Tools are required for the manufacture of several objects. Furthermore you can prove your skills in several mini-games. Crack locks with a pick lock, fish fishes in the sea, catch flying birds near the coast, etc. Stranded with Luna offers you numerous possibilities. Discover and use these possibilities and save thus Lunas life
Compete together with Luna the adventure across the secret islands of Cubes 66 and reach the island "Shadows of Cubes 66 - District VII". At the moment this is the only hope of rescue.
"Stranded with Luna - Pro" offers an adventure up to a total of 15 islands. Some adventures you can play and enjoy now. Between March 2016 and June 2016, the remaining adventures will be released step by step by means of updates. Keep your app up to date and you can reach District VII.
The islands around Shadow of Cubes 66: *) Hulahuhu (already unlocked) *) Silent Desert (already unlocked) *) Silent Desert - Pro (already unlocked) *) Lost Oasis (already unlocked) *) Lost Oasis - Pro (already unlocked) *) Blue Lagoon (already unlocked) *) Blue Lagoon - Pro (already unlocked) *) Sunken Ship - Pro (already unlocked) *) Dangerous Land (already unlocked) *) Dangerous Land - Pro (already unlocked) *) Crashed Plane - Pro (will be unlocked March 2016) *) Savannah (will be unlocked April 2016) *) Savannah - Pro (will be unlocked April 2016) *) Paradise Island (will be unlocked May 2016) *) Shadows of Cubes 66 - District VII (will be unlocked June 2016)